Join as a Distributor

Join as a Distributor

Membership in NBMDA is an investment in growing your distributorship, your people and yourself.

Think of NBMDA as your....

  • Source for leadership wisdom
  • Competitive advantage that will help you to differentiate your firm in the marketplace
  • Community of the brightest minds in building material distribution
  • Opportunity to extract yourself from the daily operation of your business to focus on the "big picture"
  • Professional development forum for your management team
  • Resource for distribution best practices
  • Access to the leading suppliers who are looking to partner with distributors

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How Does NBMDA Deliver Value?

Hear From a Distributer Member

Our membership more than pays for itself, and its mainly through the education and the networking benefits we get through it. 

Rob Hamer, CEO, Frama-Tech LLC

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Networking is the most effective means of finding new ideas, solutions to your challenges, best practices and those visionary insights that can transform your distributorship. It keeps you thinking strategically and helps to maintain your competitive edge. With a diverse membership of professionals, NBMDA offers access to industry leaders within the distribution community who will help you achieve your goals.

NBMDA Annual Convention

The NBMDA Annual Convention is a productive, three-day event held each fall. Year after year, it brings the leading minds in wholesale distribution together to network with peers and trading partners, hear from a stimulating lineup of industry speakers and see the latest product offerings from the most innovative suppliers.


Education comes in many forms at NBMDA, targeting both senior executives and your management team members.

Industry Intelligence

Information and research serve as the basis for effective decision-making by strong distribution executives. NBMDA delivers exclusive data via trend reports, benchmarking and research.

Dues Tiers

Sales Volume 2023-2024 Dues Rate
 0 – 9.9 million  $1,080.00
10 – 19.9 million  $1,375.00
20 – 29.9 million  $1,490.00
30 – 39.9 million  $1,615.00
40 – 49.9 million  $1,795.00
50 – 59.9 million  $1,905.00
60 – 69.9 million  $2,030.00
70 – 79.9 million  $2,140.00
80 – 89.9 million  $2,260.00
90 – 99.9 million  $2,500.00
100 – 149.9 million  $2,610.00
150 – 199.9 million  $2,725.00
200 – 299.9 million  $2,985.00
300 – 399.9 million  $3,215.00
400 – 499.9 million  $3,485.00
500 – 999.9 million  $3,820.00