Supplier Membership  
Supplier Member: Any supplier of building materials or related specialty products and any importer of such product who utilizes wholesale distributors to resell their products to the marketplace may become a supplier member. NBMDA consists of distributors and supplier selling primarily to custom cabinet shops, woodworkers, store fixture manufacturers, fabricators and the furniture industry.

Supplier Application Form 

Membership Directory
NBMDA has developed an interactive directory of member data which will serve as a valuable resource in your sales and marketing campaigns. The web-based membership directory contains complete information (address, phone, fax, email) on each distributor member including their headquarters and branch locations. The directory is searchable by member type, membership segment, geography and product code. This web-based tool is updated in real time making it far more valuable than any printed directory.
As a supplier member of the association, complete information on your firm will be immediately added to this valuable resource.
Preview the public search area to see how our Membership Directory works. Keep in mind, full contact detail is available for members only.