Think of NBMDA as ACCESS to Leading Distributors in the Industry

NBMDA is the premier association of wholesale distributor decision-makers, representing over 130 firms operating 900 distribution centers in North America. These distributor principals participate in NBMDA to interact with peers and trading partners, access industry benchmarking data and keep themselves informed on issues that impact their business. They attend our events in order to source new products and secure innovative new lines.

Tap into a cost and time-efficient network of leaders and innovators in the industry
In bringing together this executive-level interchange, NBMDA has created an extremely focused audience for suppliers and service suppliers. You could spend a great deal of resources traveling North America trying to arrange appointments with wholesale distributor decision-makers, or you can join NBMDA!

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Why should a supplier join NBMDA?
NBMDA means a great deal to its distributor members. Having their trading partners actively supporting NBMDA simultaneously enhances the overall value for everyone. 

In a word it's ACCESS
We unite the leading distributors from across North America and provide access to them. If your plans call for selling through wholesale distributors, active participation in NBMDA is a cost and time-efficient means of building distributor relations, gaining knowledge about distribution trends and ultimately growing your distributor sales.

Developing strong relationships with your distribution partners and fully understanding their needs today as well as in the coming years is vital to your success. Communication is key. Information is invaluable. Personally knowing the players in the distribution industry will make a significant impact on your business.

Welcome to NBMDA
NBMDA is simply a conduit from your firm to the distribution channel. We make your life easier. We save you money. We unite your customers and potential customers. We educate your customers so that they are stronger. We create an environment which is conducive to effective communication between trading partners. We stimulate innovative thinking, solving your most challenging distribution challenges.

NBMDA Supplier Membership Application

Annual Convention & Tabletop Networking Forum

The most highly anticipated and effective means of directly tapping into the community of NBMDA distributors is to participate in the Annual Convention & Tabletop Business Session held in November. As NBMDA's flagship event, the convention features countless opportunities for suppliers to efficiently interact with a large number of distributor members, all in one setting.

This is not a trade show! Instead, we develop an environment which is conducive to executive interchange between current and potential trading partners. This Tabletop Networking Forum is coupled with our Annual Convention and attracts distribution principles and senior management teams looking to engage in productive dialogue with their trading partners. Scheduled appointments guarantee that you will see who you want to see. Tabletop only regulations guarantee that you will not waste money on shipping and assembling a trade show booth. A condensed two-day format will ensure that your time is productive and your expenses are minimal.

The Convention also features stimulating guest speakers, roundtable discussions and committee meetings designed to educate you on the issues impacting the channel, providing a forum for finding solutions to industry challenges through open dialogue. Since 2010, NBMDA has co-sponsored the Annual Convention with the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD).