prokeep-lockup-primary (2).pngProkeep is a texting platform designed exclusively for distributors. Prokeep’s platform is a web-based solution that allows customers to text orders, questions, inquiries and photos to a distributor’s counter or sales rep using existing phone lines.

“Texting is something customers are willing to do professionally because they’re already doing it in their personal lives. Personal communication preferences have shifted to texting and this is influencing our professional environment.” – Jack Carrere, co-founder of ProKeep Carrere

Customers of distributors have a growing interest in expanding their communication options with their suppliers beyond traditional mediums with texting being identified as a leading choice. As the demographic of those individuals placing orders and making inquiries into the distributorship is growing younger, the demand for a texting option will only grow.

In addition to enhancing customer communications, the Prokeep platform offers distributors an opportunity to save time by reducing the number of inbound phone calls while enhancing customer service with quicker response time. The service also helps to reduce fulfillment errors and increase accountability by sharing customer inquiries across multiple touchpoints within the distributorship. Learn more about texting in the distribution channel.


NBMDA members receive a 10% discount on all Prokeep services.

The NBMDA-Prokeep agreement provides NBMDA members with education and best practices related to enhancing communication by leveraging technology as well as discounts on Prokeep services. Prokeep is a new NBMDA Service Provider member and will be supporting the 2020 NBMDA Annual Convention this November in Colorado Springs.

“It really is interesting and current technology. I am not even sure my kids know how to answer their cell phones and forget about leaving a message as their voice mail is always full... but they love to text! It is amazing how easy it is to carry on a conversation with customers on the Prokeep platform and secure a record of the entire interaction. We are using it in San Diego with solid success. We are going to roll it out to the other locations soon. Really interesting how this works and how simple it is to use”. – Don Lorey, President & CEO, EB Bradley Co., Los Angeles, CA