About Us

Professional Staff

NBMDA Headquarters

330 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60611
Telephone: 888.747.7862 or 312.321.6845
Fax: 312.644.0310
Email: info@nbmda.org

All volunteer leaders are supported by a full-time headquarters staff comprised of professionals specializing in all aspects of association management. NBMDA has retained the nation's premier association management firm, SmithBucklin Corporation, to professionally manage all of the association's affairs.

Membership and Operations


Executive Vice President
Kevin Gammonley
Email: kgammonley@nbmda.org
Phone: (312) 321-6836



Membership and Operations Manager
Megan Turckes
Email: mturckes@nbmda.org
Phone: (312) 673-5565


Membership and Operations Support
Shanah Blair
Email: sblair@nbmda.org
Phone: (312) 673-4847


Event Services


Convention Coordinator
Catherine Prais
Email: cparis@nbmda.org
(312) 673-4919


Convention Lead
Olivia Jallitas
Email: ojallitas@nbmda.org
(202) 367-2401


Tradeshow Coordinator
Alyssa Stubs
Email: astubs@nbmda.org
(202) 367-2305


Convention Registration Support
Sarah Cauley
Email: scauley@nbmda.org
(312) 673-5499


Sales Services


Senior Sales Manager
Scott Narug
Email: snarug@nbmda.org
(312) 673-5974



Marketing and Communications


Marketing Lead
Sean Dillon
Email: sdillon@nbmda.org
(202) 367-2388

Marketing Associate
Madeline Mohatt
Email: mmohatt@nbmda.org
(312) 673-4752


Senior Editor
Denise Williams
Email: swilliams@nbmda.org
(202) 367-1282