Sharpen Your Marketing Acumen

In partnership with TSL Marketing, Principles of Digital Marketing is a six-week course designed to give your team a fast track approach to developing the understanding and know how to increase awareness and generate pipeline opportunities.

You'll learn how to set and connect with your target market, create content for your target persona, reach your audience, enhance website and search engine optimization, and more.

The course includes:

  • Six live weekly webinars that will teach you the principles of digital marketing tools and techniques using coaching, presentations and assets
  • Individual assignments, with personalized assessments and feedback
  • 1:1 coaching access throughout course

All NBMDA members are eligible to receive the discounted rate of $1,500.

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Key Learnings

1 Defining the Landscape
  • Defining Digital Marketing
  • What are the integration points
  • How to get started
  • Sketching out a plan
2 Setting and Connecting with Your Target Market
  • What are buyer personas?
  • Why are buyer personas important in digital marketing?
  • What is the buyer’s journey?
  • Who is your buyer persona and what is your value proposition to them?
3 Content for Your Target Persona
  • What are the key stages in the buyer’s journey? How do I create content my buyer needs?
  • What type of content is needed at each stage of the buyer’s journey?
4 Reaching Your Audience
  • Social Media for building followers and driving traffic.
  • Paid Social to drive traffic and response.
  • Different types of Paid Search and how to use them effectively.
  • Integrating outbound and other forms of marketing into my digital efforts.
5 Website and Search Engine Optimization
  • The basics of good website design How your website gets found (search engine optimization)
  • Landing pages and lead capture
6 Automation, Lead Nurturing and Lead Progression
  • The basics of marketing automation
  • What is Lead Nurturing?
  • Ways marketing can help progress leads