Expand Your Company's Reach via Social Media

In partnership with TSL Marketing, NBMDA's Social Media X-Training provides executive training on the latest trends in social media. Through this program, participants will receive customized, flexible coaching for any skill level. 

Each participant is partnered with a Social Media Coach, who will provide one-on-one training in weekly sessions that are based around your schedule. Outside of these sessions, coaches are available to you seven days a week and will tailor instruction to your needs and interests. 

Research shows that firms whose top executives embrace social media will have the most effective social media strategies and best ROI. The Social Media X-Training is available to NBMDA members at a discounted rate of $1,100 for the six week course.

Click here to register for the NBMDA Social Media X-Training.

Social Media X-Training Sessions:

Week 1: Laying the groundwork. How do you grow thought leadership in the social channels? What are people saying about you and your team?

Week 2: Who are you? What does your profile say about you?

Week 3: LinkedIn & Twitter are the new communication tools.

Week 4: We’re here, now what? Who do you want to connect with? What do you say/tweet? Content development and sourcing.

Week 5: How can I make this fit into my life seamlessly? Efficiency tools.

Week 6: Let’s talk strategy. Who do you want to pursue? How can we socially surround our prospects? Find. Relate and Engage.