2018 NBMDA Financial Benchmarking Report Is Now Available 

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it!
The 2018 NBMDA Financial Benchmarking Report is now available. Thank you to all companies that participated. 

“FINALLY, the members now have a benchmark to compare against each other. This report is a job well done.”

– Andrew Wernick, President, Industrial Plywood Inc.

NBMDA Members: Non-Members:
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This past year, NBMDA's Board of Directors made the strategic decision to offer a financial benchmarking program for the first time in eight years. The result is a customizable and user-friendly industry report that provides a profitability analysis of NBMDA members and is designed to understand the "best practices" of distributor companies. This financial benchmarking report addresses critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed and accuracy.

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Explore the Report

Untitled design.pngThe Report is organized into a number of sections, each designed to assist management in a specific area of inquiry. These sections include an executive summary, sales volume analysis, product focus analysis, imported product analysis, market size analysis, trend analysis and more.

Answer questions like:

  • What is the “profitability gap” between high profit distributors and other distributors?
  • What is a competitive gross margin in the floor covering distribution industry?
  • What type of productivity should a distributor expect out of their employees?
  • Are operating expenses in line with industry benchmarks?

All NBMDA distributor participants and members received:

  • 2018 NBMDA Industry Benchmarking Dashboard – Based on actual distributor data, this report provides you industry averages across a variety of metrics. Management text explains what the results mean and help you to recognize the link between organizational strategy and financial objectives. The dashboard is 100% customizable – you select the data columns for benchmarking!
  • 2018 NBMDA Industry Financial Benchmarking Report – The tables and graphs contained in this report are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing profitability among building material distributors. This management tool is designed to provide the resources that enable NBMDA members to evaluate, plan, and better manage their distribution business.
  • One Page Brief on the 2018 Industry Report: How Financial Benchmarking Works – This document tells you exactly what to do next with this data.
  • Sample NBMDA Individual Company Benchmarking Dashboard – If you had submitted data to the survey, you would have received a customized Individual Report featuring your exact data to make benchmarking even easier. Attached is a sample Individual Report to show you what you are missing. Please note the "Summary" tab featuring a Performance Scorecard providing you a quick visual view of strengths and weaknesses of your company compared to other NBMDA distributors. The "What-If" tab gives you insights into multiple scenarios for future business planning.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at Feedback and recommendations to further enhance this member service are always welcome. You may also contact our partner, Mackay Research Group, with questions at