NBMDA Financial Benchmarking Report

The 2021 NBMDA Financial Bechmarking Survey is now open! The program is designed to optimize distributor performance in an environment of relentless pressure on profit margins. In 2021, the program looks to provide distributors with an even broader view of the distribution channel by sharing aggregated financial data across both membership networks.

As a participating distributor, your company will receive complimentary access to the full 2021 NBMDA Financial Benchmarking Report, along with your company-specific report.

Benchmarking_Analytics_Logo.jpgNBMDA has partnered with Benchmarking Analytics, formerly Mackay Research, to provide distributor participants a side-by-side analysis of their performance metrics next to industry averages, allowing for easy identification of areas for improvement and a better understanding of the "best practices" of high performing distribution companies.

How Does Your Company Compare?

The 2021 study will provide the best way for you to more accurately assess performance, identify areas of improvement, uncover new opportunities for growth and support your banking relationships. The report provides a profitability analysis of NBMDA members and helps address critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed and accuracy.

Here are just some of the questions finance analytics can help answer:

  • What is the “profitability gap” between High Profit distributors from the rest of the pack?
  • What is a competitive gross margin in the flooring distribution industry?
  • What type of productivity should I expect out of my employees?
  • More importantly, are my payroll expenses in line with industry benchmarks?

For more on why it's important to benchmark this year and what 2020 taught distributors, check out this article on Channel Connection from John Mackay of Benchmarking Analytics. 

How the Survey Works

  1. Download and complete the two-page NBMDA Financial Benchmarking Survey (PDF or Excel).
  2. Return the survey to our research partner, Benchmarking Analytics (formerly Mackay Research) via email, fax or mail.
  3. In return, you will receive a free and confidential Excel dashboard analyzing your results.

Please use the buttons below to download either the PDF or Excel versions of the survey.

button_download-the-pdf.png button_download-the-excel.png

Questions on the survey terminology and data? Download the Financial Benchmarking Definitions guide to review as you're completing the survey.

If you participated in NBMDA's Financial Benchmarking Survey in the past, your company will automatically receive a pre-populated survey with your past data.

Take a Look!

View the screenshots below from the 2019 report for a look at what you'll receive. Click each image to download full size.

Table of Contents.png Summary.png
Op Expenses.png Dashboard.png

Protecting Your Confidential Data

NBMDA and Benchmarking Analytics are extremely sensitive to ensuring data confidentiality. Benchmarking Analytics' staff has 30+ years of integrity in dealing with sensitive data from private companies. Not to mention, NBMDA’s commitment to our members to ensure complete confidentiality of your data. NBMDA and Benchmarking Analytics have been conducting financial benchmarking surveys for many years and have never had a data breach. Read our Statement of Confidentiality.

Remember that when you participate in the NBMDA Financial Benchmarking Survey...

  • Your data is sent to Benchmarking Analytics. It is never viewed by the NBMDA staff or volunteer leaders.
  • Your data is aggregated into an Industry Report. Your specific data is never featured outside of the Company Report that only you receive.
  • No one from NBMDA or its staff, officers, directors nor committees will have access to individual company operating and financial data. Specific data masking procedures are in place to ensure that no one company's data can be identified from the aggregate industry data being reported.
  • Your data is safe with NBMDA and Benchmarking Analytics.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Benchmarking Analytics is available if your company requires one. View the template NDA. If your company needs an NDA in order to participate in the survey, send a message to to request that an NDA be put in place between your firm and Benchmarking Analytics.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at Feedback and recommendations to further enhance this member service are always welcome. You may also contact our partner, Benchmarking Analytics, with questions at