Compliance Training for Wood Trade Professionals

iwpa-logo.pngNBMDA is partnering with the International Wood Products Association (IWPA) to host IWPA's Wood Trade Compliance Week February 24-27, 2020, in Nashville, Tennessee. The week-long event will provide wood industry executives and compliance professionals with a comprehensive analysis of the requirements of the Lacey Act and other laws relevant to trade in wood products. 

IWPA's due diligence training courses were developed in partnership with the World Resources Institute utilizing U.S. Agency for International Development and U.K. Department for International Development funding. 

The training courses will take place February 24-27 at One Century Place Conference Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The cost to attend is $225 for full day courses and $115 for half day courses for IWPA members and $729 for full day courses and $419 for half day courses for nonmembers. NBMDA members will receive a 20% discount.

Registration is now open for February courses at