Hiring Candidates in 2017 for Your Open Positions

Starting a new year brings new beginnings, but there are some things that carry over from the past year that are still not solved. This is especially true when it comes to finding qualified new employees to fill entry level positions. Industrial distributors are still looking for the best and the brightest to hire and still in competition with other trades and professions. The Millennial generation is larger than the BabyBoom generation and is also the largest generation in the workforce. Yet, distributors are having trouble filling open positions with younger workers, just like in 2016.

In a recent survey of PTDA members (just under 43 percent of the respondents) chose “work with local trade schools/universities” – as a method they used to find new employees. This item merits further discussion. Especially important is the word “local.” If you are looking for an entry level employee and are offering a starting salary around $40,000 or so, you will be attracting local candidates. This is not the kind of position that will have someone thinking about moving.

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