4 Ways to Ensure Employee Engagement

Employee engagement begins with leaders showing that they value their people and that they are willing to spend time and resources helping them capitalize on their strengths. However, studies show that only a small fraction of today’s leaders are creating an engaging environment for their people.

Engagement can be increased by creating appropriate development programs both for your leaders and your individual contributors. Start by determining what your organization needs and what goals you want to achieve. Then you’ll be ready to explore what kinds of plans and programs are available to address the specific issues, challenges, and objectives that are critical to achieving your ideal organizational state.

Development programs are customizable based on the needs of each organization. Below are some examples of what some programs might look like. Note that companies will often combine features of the following options if doing so is the most effective method for improved engagement.

  1. Coaching: a customized, in-depth coaching process and developmental plan from an objective, third-party coach that helps pinpoint abilities, motivations, and growth opportunities.
  2. High-Potential Retention and Development: a consultant works one-on-one with top performers to help them assess their talents, identify hidden potential, and clarify their goals, while linking their abilities and interests with the needs of the organization.
  3. Engagement/Climate Survey: the ideal method for gathering objective, company-wide intelligence on employee attitudes and perceptions; in essence, the equivalent of giving your organization a health check-up.
  4. Competency Modeling: a process that helps a company gain a clear sense of their top performers and their strengths, what distinguishes them and how to both hire people like your top talent and develop those currently on board who have high potential.

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