Why join NBMDA?

NBMDA is focused primarily on the distributor and offers benefits specifically created to impact your bottom line. While wholesale distributors often are members of several associations, in most cases their membership is in support of an important customer segment or product category. NBMDA is designed exclusively for you as a distribution executive.

NBMDA Distributor Members must meet the following criteria:

  • Be recognized as a wholesaler of such products by representative manufacturers and by a sufficient number of customers in its trading area to clearly establish the fact that a bona fide wholesaling service is performed in that area.
  • Maintain adequately staffed and equipped office, warehouse and shipping facilities, which shall be continuously open to customers during normal business hours.
  • Maintain a full-time sales organization actively and continuously engaged in calling upon and selling at wholesale to customers during normal business hours.
  • Normally purchase building materials or other related products in car/trucklot or recognized bulk quantities and maintain a warehouse of stock of such products large enough to adequately serve its customers.
  • Periodically issue a stockpile list, price list or catalog covering building-related products available for sale at wholesale to customers.

Distributor Application Form