Welcome to the NBMDA Certificate/Degree Programs information page. Below you will find several programs designed to provide certification or degrees to further your education on a variety of topics.

The Professional Certificate of Industrial Distribution (PCID)

The Professional Certificate of Industrial Distribution (PCID) is designed specifically for the industrial distribution industry and manufacturers who market through industrial distribution channels. This continuing education certificate can be earned through Purdue University upon the completion of 90 hours of instruction that meets the requirement of 9 Continuing Education Units [CEUs].

Program Description and Requirements
Application for Certificate of Industrial Distribution

The Certificate program consists of two elements: (1)attendance at either one University of Innovative Distribution Program earning 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) or two UID Programs at which registrants earn 6.0 CEU's; and (2) educational programs offered through a number of venues including company-sponsored educational programs, educational seminars and workshops co-sponsored by UID co-sponsoring professional distribution associations, college course work, and other approved educational offerings.

In applying for the credit, you will need to provide the name and type of education offered by which organization (association, firm, or college), who was the instructor, and most importantly a description of the course/training and all materials used in that training. These materials are necessary for evaluative purposes and will be returned to you, upon request. Each 10 hours of education equals (1) Continuing Education Unit.

The UID program registrar keeps track of your attendance at UID programs. The other required materials used to satisfy the remaining 60 or 30 hours of course work are examined and certified by the Industrial Distribution academic program office at Purdue University.

Texas A&M Industrial Distribution Program

NBMDA is an affiliate of Texas A&M University's Industrial Distribution Program. Offering undergraduate, graduate and professional certification programs specifically for manufacturers and distributors, the Texas A&M Industrial Distribution Program give syou the tools to excel in your career and company. For more information, visit