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Take advantage of Membership, Resources, and Training

NBMDA has established a strategic partnership with the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) which is the trade association representing our industry’s leading fabricators – our customers. ISFA’s mission is to promote the products that fabricators produce (using materials supplied to them by NBMDA members) and to educate fabricators to be better craftsmen and equally as important to become stronger business people. Clearly, the development and growth of ISFA members is in the best interest of NBMDA members.

We will be rolling-out ways for members to benefit from the new NBMDA-ISFA partnership throughout the year and you can get started with a few ideas below:

  • Learn more about ISFA and consider joining in order to directly support their mission and take advantage of the benefits and exposure that ISFA membership offers. As an extra incentive, NBMDA members will receive an extra 20% discount off their ISFA dues if they join in 2016. First- year ISFA dues for distributors will now cost you only $399. Learn more about distributor membership.

  • Expose your leading fabricator customers to the benefits of ISFA membership especially the high quality fabricator training offered. A growing, more profitable fabricator is good for your business and the overall industry. Through the NBMDA partnership, you can now offer your best fabricator customers a discount on ISFA dues. First-year ISFA dues for fabricators will cost them only $350 when invited by an NBMDA distributor. Learn more about fabricator membership.

  • Consider hosting ISFA training at your facility in 2016 and/or promoting currently scheduled training to your fabricator customers. ISFA’s Effective Commercial Business Program is scheduled for April 7-8 in St. Louis. If your fabricator customers expand their business, this will benefit you. Limited seats are still available and details can be found by clicking here.  More about ISFA Training On-Demand which can be hosted by NBMDA distributors can be found by clicking here.


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