Meet the New Face of Manufacturing

AWFS-New-FacesII_0.jpgAWFS has launched a campaign called “Meet the New Face of Manufacturing,” to dispel outdated myths about jobs in manufacturing and attract more young people to the industry. The “New Faces” posters, which showcase young individuals with careers in wood manufacturing, is being offered free to share this message with career counselors, parents, students, teachers, administrators and legislators. 

The goal is to increase the number of students who consider manufacturing as a viable career, thereby impacting the number of individuals coming into the workforce. The poster has a QR code that links to a web page with substantial resources for students, teachers and counselors, and shares the variety of education programs in which AWFS is involved. To view the link, click here

It is time for the wood and related industries to “make some noise” and market themselves to students as we push back against a mindset that assumes all kids go to college or that hands-on classes such as woodworking are not relevant in today’s world or that someone who goes to college won’t or shouldn’t consider manufacturing in their career options. AWFS is intent on sharing what 21st century manufacturing really looks like and providing information on careers, the industry skill standards and more.

If you have a young individual in your company that you think matches the fun and edgy profile of the “New Faces” campaign, feel free to submit images to AWFS for consideration as they plan to continue with the campaign through 2015. For information or to request a free poster, contact

WoodIndustryEdAWFS also operates a website with a database of schools with wood programs and companies with industry training programs, as well as resources on competitions, awards, job listing sites and more. Check out