Access the Summer 2014 NBMDA Economic Outlook Report

The Summer 2014 NBMDA Economic Outlook Report, compiled by the Institute for Trend Research (ITR), is now available to all NBMDA members. The Summer report presented a positive US Total Industrial Production Index, which is showing no signs of slowing down through year end. The trend is supported by a revitalized oil and gas industry, as well as strength in the manufacturing sector. Additionally, the US economy is in a new cyclical rising trend that is expected to extend through 2017. This trend will not be linear across all sectors, but the momentum should generally remain positive. These improvements in the general condition of the US economy is good news for NBMDA member companies.

This quarterly report grants you access to the latest updates on the U.S. macroeconomic climate, with numerous economic data points critical to your business. From business cycle updates to production and growth indexes, the data you receive will keep your finger on the industry pulse, and equip you to make more informed sales and strategic plans in the coming months.

To view all past NBMDA Economic Outlook Reports, visit the Members' Only section of the NBMDA website.

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