Executive Director Message - Distributor-Manufacturer Meetings Key to Annual Convention Productivity

Kevin-GammonleyThe 2013 NBMDA Convention in Chicago is just three months away! It’s not too early to start thinking about which current and potential trading partners you will want to schedule time with during the event. There are already over one hundred manufacturers and service providers who have confirmed their commitment to host a booth within the tabletop business session portion of the event. We are tracking ahead of booth sales compared to this time last year and anticipate selling-out the show floor in the coming month as Chicago has historically drawn strong participation by NBMDA distributors due to its central location, easy access to a large number of our member firms and overall attraction as a host city. NBMDA’s membership growth and the continually improving economy will ensure a strong event.

If you are a supplier who has yet to confirm your booth, please do so at your earliest convenience to guarantee your spot. If you are a distributor planning to attend the event, please begin monitoring the exhibitor list in the coming weeks to prioritize which firms you want to make certain you have time to meet with before your schedule fills-up. You can view the current exhibitor list here. If you don’t see manufacturers who you feel could benefit from participating, please encourage them to contact the NBMDA office ASAP to sign-up for a booth.

Distributor registrations for the event traditionally come in during September. We will begin posting the attendee list to the website in the coming weeks. It is highly recommended that you begin reaching-out to your trading partners now to begin the process of confirming a meeting time. Many distributors will completely fill-up their schedules so you do not want to wait to make certain that you meet with your top targets.

The Tabletop Business Session component of our Annual Convention represents one of the most valued and anticipated offerings each year. In order to get the most out of the session, you must plan your activities well in advance of the event including scheduling your appointments in advance, developing an agenda for each meeting and gathering relevant back-up data for each meeting to support your objectives. This will ensure a productive time at the event and help to strengthen vital relationships.

Please make a point to carve-out time in your busy Convention schedule for our First-Time Exhibitors. The growth of our annual event is dependent on making certain that these firms have a productive experience at their first NBMDA event.

Kevin Gammonley
NBMDA Executive Vice President


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