CRM Overview & How It Can Work For You

CRM has become a hot topic within building products industry over the last several years as distributors, manufacturers and dealers realize the need for increased visibility into “revenue in progress” and a better understand of their customers and marketplace. Historically gathering insights into a sales pipeline or collecting important information about your customer base was an arduous and disjointed process likely consisting of endless phone calls, spreadsheet circulation, email threads and wasted time. Furthermore, once needed information was collected it was rarely stored in a centralized location to provide easy access and the process was rarely made to be repeatable. Inefficiency drives expense and lack of market insight reduces opportunity. Fortunately, when properly implemented and supported by leadership, CRM can be the solution.

Scott Thomas, the Marketing Director for Parksite, will speak at the 2013 NBMDA Annual Convention. Read the full article to preview Scott's presentation. READ MORE

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