Housing Gains Bode Well for EWP, Structural Panels

With housing starts rising through 2013 and into 2014, the Engineered Wood Association predicts growth in structural panels, I-joists, glulam, and LVL. Single family housing starts are forecasted to reach 665,000, up 24 percent since last year, and multi-family started are expected to reach 330,000, up 35 percent. The remodeling business is also expanding, and expenditures are expected to reach 2007 levels. Non-residential will climb slightly, as will the industrial market, while structural panel manufacturers are expected to export at the same level as in 2012. Demand for wood products will climb sharply, following housing growth. OSB, plywood, LVL, and glulam are expected to grow 10 percent from 2012, while I-joists grow 17 percent.

From "Housing Gains Bode Well for EWP, Structural Panels"
Building-Products.com (07/01/13)

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