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FormWood Works to Get It RightOn time. On budget. On spec. Check, check, and check! That's the corporate mindset at FormWood Industries, a real wood veneer manufacturer based in Jeffersonville, Ind. “It's something that we strive towards,” says Senior Vice President Craig Langford, “and it's become our mantra.”
Weston Premium Woods Banks on People, RelationshipsThe entrepreneurial spirit runs deep at Weston Premium Woods, tracing all the way back to a determined immigrant sweeping the floors of a tiny, industrial shop almost 70 years ago.
A Message From Your Friendly, Pessimistic HR ExpertI really do hate to be the bearer of bad news.There is no “but…” to follow that.  It is simply a statement of fact.  In recent weeks, at conference presentations and in conversations with clients, I have found myself in the role of dampening the enthusiasm of business owners and executives
PRESS RELEASE: ICP Volunteer Ambassadors Attend Events in Nebraska and PennsylvaniaChicago, Ill.—April 3, 2017— Volunteer “Ambassadors” for Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP) recently participated in two career fair events to raise awareness and attract entry-level talent to open positions in the field of industrial distribution and their own companies.
Your Employees Use Their Own Cell Phones at Work. But You Still Need a Policy.Over the past two decades, cellular telephones have morphed from being primarily luxury items and accessories for business executives to a must-have item for just about anyone who ever leaves their house. 
Tips for New Employee OnboardingSo you’ve made a great hire and you are looking forward to onboarding your newest employee.  Expectations are high and optimism abounds.  But before you rely too heavily on those positive feelings, here are some sobering statistics to consider: